Propeller Sales Include:

  • Outboard Propellers (stainless steel and aluminum)

  • Stern Drive Propellers (bronze and stainless steel)

  • Propeller accessories

  • Bronze and Nylon reducer bushings

  • Stainless steel shafts

  • Cutlass bearings and more

Place an order by calling 251-675-9993

Available Monday through Thursday. Orders placed before 10 a.m. will ship the next day.

Required information for placing an order:

  • Boat Manufacturer

  • Boat Type (Deep V-hull, flat bottom, etc.)

  • Hull length and hull material

  • Brand, year, and horsepower of current motor

  • Propeller brand (if needing repair or new purchase)

  • Propeller type (Stainless steel, aluminum, etc.) and condition

  • Pitch

  • Number of blades

  • RPM's

Please try to have as much of this information as possible and we will help you with the rest.