Repair Services

From small outboard motor props to the large propellers of the biggest oceangoing ships to call on our nation’s ports, Southeastern Propeller provides comprehensive propeller repair services for all recreational, commercial, industrial and military vessels.  

We weld material to restore the original diameter to the propeller, and work to restore the propeller’s original pitch angles and balance using the Hales MRI Scanning System. Whether you need propeller repair on a bass boat or a Coast Guard cutter, we can handle it. Our in-house machine shop is capable of machining shafts up to 18" in diameter and 40’ long.

Other Services

We handle all types of welding, whether it’s stainless steel, bronze, or aluminum.

Southeastern Propeller also offers minor aluminum boat repair.

Peace of Mind

At Southeastern Propeller, no matter your propeller needs, rest assured that our experienced team will get the job done quickly and efficiently. We follow American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) certified procedures and International Organization of Standardization (ISO) 484-1 manufacturing tolerances.